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Hollywood and other parts of Los Angeles are also good choices. A good place to look when seeking out wealthy homosexuals is the fashion industry.

This is one industry that straight men can't get a strangle hold on because often times their grasp on fashion is just leagues below that of women and gay men. Go to fashion shows and festivals, mingle with whoever you can, and make yourself visible obviously while wearing only the very best of your wardrobe. You may be lucky enough to meet an established fashion designer but even if you can't you're still quite likely to find aspiring fashion designers with talent, and these men have the potential to be very wealthy and very soon. Arrive at these sorts of events early and wait until long after they've finished to leave in order to maximize your chances of meeting the right people.

Live theater Broadway being the marquee example but there are very classy productions held at nice venues throughout the country appeals to many sophisticated gay men. The grandiose nature of live theater shows sort of has a way of drawing them in, along with the fact that there's little discrimination against homosexuality in the industry and it's just a pleasant place to be. If you enjoy theater yourself then there's really no reason not to attend some shows anyway. If you don't enjoy theater then just suck it up and endure the boredom; the men you are looking for can often be found here.

Your target audience member is one in a suit and tie with a refined sort of feminism to him. Before shows, after shows, and during intermissions approach those who intrigue you and spark conversations about theater. This may require you to do a bit of research beforehand; you don't want to go into a conversation with a theater enthusiast and immediately be outed as a casual theater visitor or someone who's not fan at all, so make sure to know your stuff.

Think about yourself as a millionaire male looking for a man to settle down with. Would you want someone who you knew was interested in your money? Not always unless you were looking for a play thing.

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You would rather go for someone who loved you for being 'you' than for someone looking at marrying up or having a rich lover. As Paul, an investment consultant from NJ says, "When I met Warren through this gay dating site I knew he was a self-made millionaire but that wasn't what brought about our relationship. We didn't meet through a millionaire dating site. Knowing that someone is after your money kills the charm of a relationship sometimes.

If you're looking for a long term partner who's also a millionaire, one of the sites which focuses on this is Perfect Match. You're also asked similar questions about the sort of person you're looking for and based on all this Perfect Match gets to work, locating possible dating partners for you. You can also search for partners yourself from their database. Perfect Match has straight, gay and lesbian members.

Another site which is a hot favorite among gays is GayFriendFinder. They have a huge database of Gay singles. This places them head and shoulders above most other gay dating sites. You can search for prospective matches based on various criterion including income.

That's how you can locate gay millionaires. His kind nature often transcends into being "generous to a fault," and he enjoys lavishing his friends with the rewards available to a man of his financial resources. He admits to a quirky sense of humor, he likes to cook, he loves to travel, and he has just as much fun taking in a show in London as he does spending quiet evenings in his backyard jacuzzi. And in his spare time, he is the Speedo-wearing superhero we all know as Superman Steve tagged me after reading my profile, seeing my picture and discussing me with dating-guru Judy.

She felt our personalities would be a great mix, especially on the "quirky humor" aspect; I would just need to cope with his workaholic tendencies.

5 Gay Dating Lies: David Cruz Of 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Sounds Off

I agreed to meet him at a glam Westside Asian-fusion restaurant for a 1: Judy instructed me to ask for the "Duke" party at the host stand, as she made the reservations under that name. Her rules for the date were simple and clear: Do be on time. Do dress appropriately for the restaurant.

Don't expect too much, it's just lunch. And once the check was paid, Judy's work was done. From then on we were on our own.

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Exchange phone numbers at your own risk. Wearing my best white button-down shirt, my best jeans and my lucky underwear, I stepped out of my car and headed for the restaurant. I love that outfit. The heavyweight poplin shirt alludes to how I liked to read, while the jeans infer how I like to drink trendy cocktails at hip nightspots. And my underwear, a special pair of shorts that hike up my junk to make a nice bulge, make me look? While I appeared nicely dressed-up, the ensemble also conveyed the idea that I hadn't thought about the date too too much, which of course was an even bigger lie than the bulge.

My sweaty palms and I entered the restaurant at exactly 1: Steve the Millionaire Man had not arrived.

Always active Dating web site, with a lot of members by you.

The hostess escorted me to our table, and I immediately read the menu to agonize over what I would eat. I am horrible at decisions, especially when racked with nerves, and I appreciated all the extra time I could get. Too messy. Too wimpy. Oh how boring, everyone always orders chicken when they don't know what to get.

I snapped my head around. Standing before me was a smiling man with a really straight, pearly-white set of teeth.


Sadly, while sliding out of the booth and extending my hand, my leg caught the tablecloth and pulled it along. Apparently the silverware wanted to meet Steve too. You can tell a lot about a man's character by his initial reaction to stressful situations, before he can gather his thoughts and plan a response. As I stood there staring blankly at the mess on the floor, I immediately recognized that kind, genuine nature of which he liked to boast.

And as he used his foot to gently nudge the silverware out of the way, I also recognized his presumption that the restaurant's staff was there to pick it up for us. Behind that million-dollar smile, Steve was a really good-looking guy. Streaks of silver flowed through his black hair, all of which framed his strong jaw and high cheekbones.

Nicely tan, his skin had a sexy roughness, while it was still beautifully smooth, if that makes any sense.

Best Gay Millionaire Dating Site for Rich Men

And besides being attractive, he was incredibly charming and witty; his warmth disarmed me within minutes. The waiter had to return twice before we realized we still! Why is he asking me this question? Does he really care what I like, or is he just asking to see if I'm brave enough to try strange foods? He's testing me, I know it. God, this guy is making me nervous. We spent the meal talking about our careers. He told me of his business, a manufacturing company he had started himself shortly after his divorce; I told him about the years I worked as a model, a career I had appreciated for the freedom it provided and simultaneously resented for its banality.

We had both traveled extensively through Europe, so we discussed our favorite places to hide away and he added colorful, luxurious tales of his trips to Southeast Asia. After our meal we stood at the valet parking and he handed me his card.