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Our Organisation

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Presence of a strategic plan
For any organization to run smoothly top management should set up a strategic plan stating the goals of the organization and the means to attain them. The plan should state clearly:

  • What the organization will do.
  • How to generate profit.
  •  Availability of resources for the execution of the plan.
  • The short and long term challenges and opportunities.

After having worked on a SWOT analysis, Dr Sooknundun has established a strategic plan for the clinic in regards to the introduction of new technologies, the infrastructure and the opening of more branches to meet patients’ needs. In fact, the organization set up by Dr Sooknundun should have a concrete vision and mission statement accompanied by its values. Without these basic elements the organization would not be viable.
Vision, mission and values are the glue that holds an organization together. They describe what you are trying to do, how you want to go about it, and where you are headed. These elements help to keep an organization on track. It gives top management a yardstick to measure present performance and plans against aspirations.

Vision is what keeps an organization moving forward, even against discouraging odds. Vision is the most powerful motivator in an organization. If it’s vivid and meaningful enough, people can do astounding things to bring it to realization. But if it’s lacking, no amount of resources will be able to get people off their butts. As the leader of Clinique du Nord, Dr Sooknundun has an array of visions for the organization. His vision was to be a pioneer in the private health sector in Mauritius and he kept his words by realizing his dreams in 24 years of hard work and perseverance.

Mission is the raison d’être for an organization, why it exists. If an organization is to remain dynamic, it needs to refresh its mission statement periodically. In fact, the mission of the top management of Clinique du Nord was to provide the patients with up dated medical facilities, increase the capacity of the clinic and the opening of more branches across Mauritius and the mission has been executed in 24 years of existence.
Values manifest in everything you do as a group, not only your public programs, but also how you operate. Articulating values provides everyone with guiding lights, ways of choosing among competing priorities and guidelines about how people will work together. Values define the organization’s beliefs, and rules that control the management of the company. It represents the institutional philosophy and supports cultural organization.