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Our Staff

Our Staff

The patient care concept of our private hospitals rotates around a close interdisciplinary cooperation.

Its focus is to ensure that our patients receive optimal care and treatment. To achieve this, each profession contributes with what they do best.

Our staff hence consists of a blend of professionals; starting out with doctors from a variety of fields, followed by chiropractors, physiotherapists, nurses, radiographers, health care assistants, psychologists, dieticians, psychiatrists and medical secretaries.

We also have administrative staff to ensure that documentation and records are in order and facilitate communication with other healthcare providers in the country.

Currently more than 120 employees work at our three private clinics; most of them on a permanent basis, which enables us to provide a round the clock service. Others are called in when there is a demand for their speciality. In an emergency they can be available within 20 minutes.

Employees are considered to be a valuable asset in an organization. They play a vital role in the attainments of organizational objectives. So, apart from giving them their salaries, their welfare plays an important role in an organization. Employee welfare is the effort to make life worth living for workmen.

Our Medical Director, Dr Sooknundun, is very concerned in regards to the welfare of his employees. So as to win over his employee’s loyalty and increase their morale, build up a stable labour force by reducing absenteeism , develop efficiency , earn goodwill and enhance public image he organizes outings every month, the human and resource department has set up a policy to help employees whose close family is deceased. All employees are allowed a free medical checkup every year and in case they are suffering, they are allowed for treatment at half cost at the clinic.

He has invested in a new cafeteria on the 3rd Floor, facing the beach so that employees can relax themselves in their lunch time.