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Clinique du Nord ambulance assisting medical evacuation

Clinique du Nord was involved in a delicate medical evacuation; the longest ever made by India.

An AIR AMBULANCE has flown nearly 21,000 km in four days, 30 hour flight time (round trip) and crossed seven countries, covering four time zones with a stopover in Mauritius where Clinique du Nord provided medical assistance.

Covid-19 has people worldwide panicking and panic buying, despite reassurances from governments that there are sufficient supplies of food, but fear is driving people to buy more than they need and causing artificial shortages. Mauritius seems to have caught the panic buying bug with long queues outside supermarkets everyday despite the country being under a confinement order and now a nationwide curfew.

Medical Assistance on Holiday

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Fake news is rife online and the Clinique du Nord has not been immune to this sickness. Recently an online newspaper reported that a Spaniard who arrived in Mauritius on February 29 2020 had died from Covid-19 at the Clinique du Nord. The Managing Director, Dr Mukhesh Sooknundun has recorded a statement against this online newspaper for their dissemination of ‘fake news’, informing the public that according to the attending physician, the tourist died of pneumonia.

Health Tips Medical Assistance International

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