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Clinique du Nord assisting a Medical evacuation
Clinique du Nord ambulance assisting medical evacuation

Clinique du Nord assisting a Medical evacuation

Clinique du Nord was involved in a delicate medical evacuation; the longest ever made by India.

An AIR AMBULANCE has flown nearly 21,000 km in four days, 30 hour flight time (round trip) and crossed seven countries, covering four time zones with a stopover in Mauritius where Clinique du Nord provided medical assistance.

At the heart of the mission, the director of the Bank of Baroda’s branch in South Africa, suffering from advanced bowel cancer. According to the Deccan Herald, a newspaper published in English in Karnataka, the air ambulance, a Learjet 45 operated by the International Critical Care Air Transfer Team (ICATT), made a one night stopover in Mauritius where they were assisted by Clinique du Nord medical staff and a fully equipped ambulance.

Dr. Rahul Singh Sardar, Director of the ICATT Learjet Air Ambulance, said that the mission posed a huge logistical challenge as the aircraft had to fly over the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean with only a few small islands to refuel.

Since the patient required critical care, even on the airplane, Clinique du Nord (CDN), a valued medical service provider and partner, was entrusted to provide patient care on the refuelling stopover, pre-optimising the patient's clinical condition so that he remained stable during the long return journey. This vital care was administered by the medical professionals of CDN in one of their fully equipped ambulances. CDN are also involved with a valuable air ambulance service within Mauritius.