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Female Issues And Gynaecology At Our Medical Clinics

Many women experience at some point problems with the abdomen. This can be through pain, bleeding disorders, involuntary urination, heaviness sensation or other disorders. Today it is possible to treat many of these symptoms effectively. Results are best if you get tested and start your treatment as early as possible.

Rapid investigation and treatment

At our medical facilities, you may be investigated and treated within a few days or hours if needed. Whether you've already been diagnosed or experience symptoms to be tested for; you can book an appointment for a proper analysis. You can also book a preventive examination for example cervical cancer.

We offer diagnostic evaluations and treatments of a wide range of gynecological issues. The majority of the analysis is conducted at Clinique du Nord, where you will have a comprehensive examination with a specialist.

Gynaecological examinations can be booked independently at either Clinique du Nord, Centre Medical du Nord or Clinique de L’Occident.

We emphasize a good dialogue

Your first consultation at one of our three medical facilities takes the form of a conversation with your gynecologist who subsequently seeks to identify your problem. You then undergo a gynecological examination, and in most cases, also an ultrasound scan. We emphasize having a good dialogue, so you always feel that we take your concerns seriously and on the other hand can give you the necessary guidance throughout the process.