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Hair Laser Treatment

Hair Laser Treatment

Our hair removal clinic benefits from a great expertise in laser therapy and a reputation built up over 10 years in the field.

It is equipped to treat all forms of unwanted hair growth regardless of type and localisation. Treatments are performed with Nd YAG Laser machines from the USA, the brand on which the members of the American society for dermatologists are trained.

Some of our patients are also treated for acne, stains, capillary haemangiomas etc.

Why can not all hair be removed at once?

If the hair roots produced all hair to grow at the same time, hair growth could be easily stopped. However, they are so arranged that each hair root has its own growing cycle, hence each alternates between periods of active hair growth and inactivity. The laser can only target those containing hair. As during each treatment only the currently visible hairs can be removed which corresponds to approx. 30%, several sessions are thus required for a 100% success.