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Information for Patients
Information for Patients

Information for Patients

Below subjects are intended to help you as a patient choosing our service.

Naturally all persons have access to medical treatments at our hospitals/clinics we accept:

  • Anybody without insurance who will cover his costs directly
  • Patients in need to undergo surgery without waiting and/or wishing to make use of the expertise offered by our well-reputed doctors
  • Holders of a private health insurance
  • Holders of a partial insurance, willing to cover the remaining costs themselves.
  • Patients originally scheduled for an operation in a public hospital; but put on a waiting list for their surgery and referred to us by their company or deciding themselves to use our services, as this is the more economic solution in the long run.
  • Persons with travel insurance such as SOS, European Assistance, Mondial Assistance, ADAC, Bupa, Coris Assistance, International SOS, and IMA, who need professional care for an emergency during their holiday.
  • Patients from across the world choosing our facilities and Mauritius as destination for medical tourism

People First
It is perfectly natural for people to be nervous in a hospital environment before being operated on. That is why we focus our attention on you right from your arrival at our medical facility and keep it so until you leave, as our foremost task is to create a secure, personal and safe environment, where you are met with respect and care and give the space and time to recover.

Information provides comfort
We place great emphasis on a confidential and personal dialogue thus taking ample time to listen, getting involved when necessary and keeping you well informed throughout the course of the treatment.
Here you will find general information about how to use our hospitals/clinics facilities, regardless of being a private patient, health- or travel- insurance patient or a medical tourist. Moreover, you will find information about our prices, your stay, food, how to find us, our facilities with more.

Room for everyone at our medical facilities
Our doors are open to all. We offer all patients a quick and effective treatment at the highest service level, no matter if you come as an individual, through an insurance company or through our overseas partners.

Supplement to the public health sector
We do not see our Medical facilities as a competitor to the public hospital system, but strive to act as a supplement to them in areas where there is a high demand, thus a waiting list for patients to be treated or where there is a lack of facilities. Therefore, our medical organisation is in constant development; thus we continuously adapt the changes within the Mauritian society, healthcare sector and patients' needs.

How do you proceed?
By selecting a patient type below you get a guide to how to get a time for examination and treatment by our specialists.