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Insurance Patient At One Of Our Facilities

Insurance Patient At One Of Our Facilities

If you have a private health insurance or employer paid health insurance or a travel insurance, you can receive prompt investigation and treatment, in case of illness or injury, from one of our medical facilities by prior arrangement with your insurance company. As we cooperate with a wide range of Mauritian and international insurers, we will assist you in case of emergency.

List of insurers

How to proceed?
We have described a typical course through a general health insurance, which is not an emergency. Please note that there may be variations for each insurer.
You will contact the insurance company and obtain acceptance that they would cover the costs of an investigation.

You fill out your part of the declaration as obtained from the insurer. A pre-examination appointment is to be arranged by calling our Patient Services and getting a written confirmation sent. For the pre-examination you are required to bring the form and insurance approval, if not sent by the insurer company.
Our staff will fill the rest of the form and return this to the insurer together with the bill. If there is a part liability, the patient is to settle the amount after the examination. Any other settlement takes place internally between the hospital and the insurer.

If you must have full treatment / surgery, the hospital will forward a copy of the record, together with the completed medical report to the insurer, who then must approve the total cost of treatment / surgery. A new appointment will be planned for treatment / surgery. When the insurer approves the treatment / surgery, you may be treated / operated on the agreed date.

Please note that the hospital will not always be automatically notified of the approval, so you should make sure that your insurer has agreed and followed up with the hospital. If you have not received acceptance from the insurance company, you risk that the insurer will pass on the cost to you.

In case of emergency, we will assist to contact the insurance, while treating you. However, if the insurance does not cover the treatment cost or only part of the cost,  the amount remaining will be required to be paid before leaving the hospital.
For travel insurance non emergency or treatments considered minor, is generally charged directly to the traveller. The traveller will receive a receipt with reference to the medical treatment to present to the insurance company.
We cooperate and partner with a wide range of insurance companies in Mauritius and international. For further information about health insurance, please refer to the respective on Insurance Companies