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Parents of Hospitalized Children

Parents of Hospitalized Children

As parents, you may understandably feel uneasy about having to leave your child alone for treatment or operation. In order to facilitate things for both the child and you, we request that you are involved as much as possible in the procedures.
You may want to prepare yourself for this though, as it can be disturbing to watch one´s child being put under anaesthesia and operated on. However it is beneficial for the child to have at least one of you close by during the intervention. The same applies after anaesthesia, as children tend to be a little restless and in need of their father or mother´s comforting presence when waking up.

Security is important
Clinique du Nord has a modern anaesthesia department with physicians specialised in anaesthesia for children and adults.  After surgery, patients are carefully monitored using the latest monitoring equipment operated by trained nurses.  Our high security measures allow us to operate even on very small children literally from the first day of their lives.
Children Diseases
Sick children are every parent's nightmare. With great and rapidly growing concern they await the diagnosis, and a quick clarification from a specialist can improve both the little patient´s and their family´s well-being dramatically at once. In Clinique du Nord's paediatric ward, your child´s wellbeing remains our great concern, as he or she is carefully examined and treated by experienced paediatricians.

Preparing the child for surgery:
It is beneficial for all parties if children are well prepared for their surgery. For this purpose, we have developed a colouring book describing the process surrounding the operation in detail. If the child's age permits, we encourage parents very much to read it together, so they are familiar with what happens on the day of surgery. And of course it´s a fun activity helping children to pass their time at Clinique du Nord.
Only the best is good enough

The Mauritius Medical Network collaborates with several experienced and well-reputed paediatricians, assigned to either Tombeau Bay, Grand Bay, or Flic en Flac. We assure you of their quickness and expertise in  investigation and treatment of your child´s illness, as they rank amongst the best in the field. As our paediatric department offers facilities for both outpatients and in ward cases, its paediatricians will arrange for the best surgeons in case of need.
At the same time,  Clinique du Nord’s imaging diagnostic centre, with X-ray machines, ultrasound, MRI (open system) & CT Scan is available for the little patients as well.
Children and parents at the hospital
We take time to examine and assess your child in a safe and quiet environment.  The same specialist who assesses your child also ensures that you get detailed information and ample opportunity to ask questions.

Parents of hospitalised children have the opportunity to stay overnight in a room with their child.
What to bring?

Of course the hospital provides operation clothing, but it is a good idea to bring your child's own clothes to wear after surgery. In addition, we recommend the following:

  • Toothbrush and Toilet Utensils.
  • Slippers
  • Any Prescribed Medicines
  • Painting Book
  • Favourite Toys

Meal Plan
We offer free meals to parents during the hospitalisation of their children. If you wish to make use of this, please contact our administration at 2472532 and reserve at least one day prior to admission (before 10h00).
For those parents preferring restaurant food, Port Louis Water Front and Caudan is quite near, Flic en Flac or Grand Bay are the nearest areas featuring gastronomy. Please contact the reception regarding directions.
Parents’ role during surgery
As soon as your child is sound asleep, you may leave the operation theatre and go back to the room or waiting area. You will be called as soon as the operation is over, so you can be there when your child wakes up.