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Practical Information

What should you bring with you?

Clinique du Nord offers hospital clothing. You are however welcome to use your own clothes during hospitalisation. Please bring:

  • Toilet utensils
  • A bathrobe if you need to stay overnight
  • Your usual medications for use during hospitalisation
  • Where there is planned rehabilitation, please bring appropriate shoes with a tight fit that are easily removable.
  • Comfortable and loose clothing to wear during transport home, e.g. leaving space for dressings on the shoulder / knee area
  • Some reading materials
  • Valuables – Although the bedrooms are equipped with a safe, the hospital assumes no responsibility for valuables. Therefore we request you not to bring along any jewellery or other precious items.

Rules for anaesthesia
General anaesthesia requires fasting before surgery this because all muscles relax under anaesthesia. Therefore there is a risk of the stomach contents flowing back through the oesophagus and into the lungs, if the stomach is not empty.
It is therefore important to adhere to the following fixed rules on operating days; otherwise we may be forced to cancel your operation:

You may eat and drink dairy products until six hours before surgery.
You may drink "thin" liquids like water, tea, coffee (without milk or cream), lemonade or juice without fruit pieces until four hours before surgery.
We recommend that you drink sugary liquids (such as lemonade or juice) 4 hours before surgery, as this may reduce discomfort before and after surgery.


The nurses work day and night shifts. You may meet various nurses throughout the day. We aim to ensure that the same team of staff is assigned to you during your hospitalisation.

Intensive surveillance
After the operation you are monitored with sophisticated monitoring equipment, operated by trained intensive care nurses until you are sufficiently well again.

Medical Surveillance
You will be followed up by the responsible specialist daily or by appointment.

If your doctor has prescribed physiotherapy sessions, the physiotherapist will see you on appointment.

Specialist in 24/7
We have in-house specialists 24 hours seven days a week. This ensures rapid medical help in case of acute problems and optimal treatments around the clock.

Good food
It's no secret that tasty and nutritious food is the way to a quick cure. Therefore we serve each day a menu consisting of small delicious dishes and snacks based on fresh and healthy ingredients.
The meals can be served at your own room. You receive a daily menu.

In case you require a special diet, please let us know before hospitalisation.

Should you want to have your meals with the family; please advise the staff on the day before (not later than 10h00).

Hospitalised patients
All bedrooms are decorated based on the philosophy that patients should feel at home, and enjoy additional comfort. They hence have adjoining bathrooms, private toilets, TV, DVD, DSTV, satellite channels, wifi and the option of connecting your laptop.

Your relatives have free visiting hours at our hospital. However, we request visitors to adhere to your condition, needs and desires.
We also request that they take into consideration the state of health of other patients and the hospital's working schedule.
For newly operated patients short visits are recommended.
There is an open air cafeteria with a large sitting capacity on the top floor, where patients can enjoy themselves on their own or in wheelchairs accompanied by an attendant.

For family members who want to stay overnight, we offer their own guest rooms with all the amenities or an additional bed in your room.

During Surgery
While you undergo surgery, your relatives may wait for you in your room, the public area or at the cafeteria on the top floor. If they want to go out, the reception desk may call them after surgery. Our local tour operator may arrange some outdoor activities.
Your relatives are welcome to contact the reception desk for more information or questions any time.

In order for the nurses to concentrate on their patients, we suggest you and your family create an own independent telephone network, to update about your patient wellbeing.

Smoking policy at our medical facilities
All our facilities are smoke-free. We must therefore request you and your relatives to smoke outdoors. The hospital may offer detox-treatment with nicotine patch and gum if you're interested.

Phone and Internet
Mobile phones may be used on the hospital's terrace; taking into consideration the state of health of other patients.

All rooms are equipped with Internet connection.